3 steps for an amazing boutique studio

3 steps for an amazing boutique studio

Source: RSG Group

Step 1 -  the offer: a membership club with a health focus
Today's gyms are much more than purely exercise. They provide a third space besides your own home and work environment. It shall serve as a space to do workouts, but also to get to know like-minded people and have an enjoyable time in a comfortable environment. Therefore today's gyms resemble more English-styled membership clubs than just a hall with gym equipment.


Source: fior

Step 2 -  sustainability: enivronmental focus is valuable to customers
Integrating sustainability into the studio design has a positive benefit not only on the environment, but studies have shown that sustainability-oriented gyms can charge more for their service than others.



Source: RSG group

Step 3 -  Boutique studios: Level up gym equipment through furniture and floorings
Modern styled floorings put a great atmosphere to fewer gym equipment, which is especially relevant for small spaces. At fior we have the experience with hygenic rugs and LED-integrated speedtracks ideal for free weight areas and functional training zones, respectively. All of our standard products can be tested free of charge for 3 months.

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