Pick the right functional flooring for gyms

Pick the right functional flooring for gyms

Functional workout areas are increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. Originally developed for military strength and conditioning training, it is now popular in the whole population. As a functional training it merges high-intensity excersises with functional multi-joint movements, it should enable each individual to master various physical tasks (olympic lifts, rope climbing, moving large loads, etc.). A training sessions lasts about 1 hour and is highly personalized to each individual's condition. The benefits of functional crosstraining are:

  • Torches fat
  • Boosts strength
  • General fitness for the whole body
  • Community sport


Any weight-related workout, such as barbells or weight bars require rubber flooring to absorb the shock upon impact. At least a thickness of 8 mm is recommended.


Functional training is best suited on gym turf, as it provides a high grip for the shoes while at the same time provides a slippery surface to push e.g. a sledge. Turf is soft and therefore ideal for jumps and for training with the own body (calisthenics) on the floor.


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