We are making artificial grass circular

Think twice before you throw anything away. We believe it is a much better idea to sell your used product through us. By that we can increase the options for our customers, reduce our raw material need and you can earn money. We are part of the circular plastics alliance.


What do you need to do?

Simply send us a picture of your used product to and we will get in touch with you regarding the re-selling process. We will evaluate the quality of the product, ask you for specific pictures and then place the product online. Our offer is to share the profit 50/50. Once we have sold the product we kindly ask you to ship it to the new owner to reduce logistics as much as possible. 

What if you have a personalized product?

Most of our products combine standard elements with personalized items. We offer to return your used product at our expense to our factory and recombine the standard elements with a new personalization. Please send us a picture of your product to and we will organize the return of your product.

Have an idea of how we can become more sustainable?

We are glad for all ideas. You can reach us through any channel (Instagram, Facebook, mail: Thank you!